Bottle Opening Device Pat. Pend. 62/551,980

Bottle Opening Device Pat. Pend. 62/551,980


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This unique geometric bottle opening device will add to the elegance of any home bar or kitchen. Designed by Jen Pearson Design to make the simple and common action of opening a bottle into an aesthetic experience. With its clean lines and rectangular shape this brass bottle opener is pleasing to the eye and fits comfortably in the hand. This device encapsulates the term “functional accessory” in that it accessorizes the room while being a useful and accessible tool. This original work in brass is made using the age old art of lost wood/wax casting, one at a time in California. The gently buffed white brass adds a heirloom quality that will age and oxidize over time creating its own unique finish to each tool. Bold and enduring, a timeless original.

“I have always said...That in simplicity there is longevity. This is the simplest of tools, an object of notable delicacy and strength in perfect balance, a true piece of art.”

Gary Mc Natton

Hudson Grace


“The opener is a gorgeous object that is impossible to put down, something that is a bit mysterious and yet when you use it for the first time, you have an aha moment that is pure delight. Giving people these little moments is what Jen Pearson Design is all about.”

Rena Tom

Founder of Makeshift Society SF

Founder of Rare Device SF

Investment cast in Los Angeles, California

Finished in Oakland, California

JPD Bottle Opening Tool Patent Pending 62/551,980

2 W x 4 L x 1” H

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